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            IMPACT Wellbeing Programme 

  IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing

"I feel that the course has equipped me with the knowledge and understanding necessary to take this into schools and spread the word!" Happy healthy teenagers

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Programme

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing is a therapy accredited relaxation programme with a mindfulness-based approach for young people and adults of all ages.  We provide in-house and open one day trainings for adults working in a wide range of situations; education, health and social care as well as the world of work.

The relaxation techniques are simple, adaptable and effective and give people skills for life.  They contribute to an improvement in physical, mental and emotional health and can lead to improved social relationships.


There is something for everyone.  For more information 


I have already introduced the breathing to a few students with success. The fact that this can be used in any situation was important with one boy who was in great distress and the technique was used in the corridor. Year 10 Learning Manager, Derbyshire

Training options

Touchline Training is a not for profit company dedicated to helping people of all ages improve their wellbeing. We provide one-day Instructor's training courses for individuals or teams of organisation staff. They acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to teach the relaxation techniques of the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme.   These are promoted by health services and use a mindfulness approach. Instructors implement the programme in their place of work or to individuals or groups with whom they work and encourage its regular use.


We provide:

  • Accredited professional training with experienced trainers

  • In-house and open trainings

  • Instructor's Agreement with instructor's registration

  • Access to password protected Resources via Touchline Training website 

  • An on-line instructor’s manual to support the training

  • Audio and image downloads for relaxation and visualisation

  • Prompts and reminders for self massage and peer massage

  • Support materials

Contact us to arrange your in-house training or look for open trainings.

Children's wellbeing

Touchline Training is dedicated to helping people of all ages improve their wellbeing.  These two programmes benefit the wellbeing of children.


Kind Hands is a therapy accredited programme for adults working with children 2 – 4 years and their parents and carers.   It is also for children with special or complex needs.  We weave positive and nurturing touch into well loved stories and nursery rhymes with simple touch strokes on the back, arms and hands. Children ask permission and have the right to say ‘no’.  They are provided with the opportunity to develop their co-ordination, control and movement and have fun! 

We provide one day training for staff working with pre-school children and children with special or complex needs, parents and carers.  For more information


The training exceeded my expectations and I will definitely share this information with my staff and parents and use Kind Hands as a routine activity. Playgroup manager


Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) is an accredited programme for adults working with children 4 – 12 years and children and their parents.  This successful programme, developed by Mia Elmsater and Sylvie Hetu, was first introduced in England in 2000 and uses massage and positive touch to encourage learning and develop children’s social and emotional skills. It is proven to improve children's concentration and recognised as an effective anti-bullying strategy.  It helps teach the concept of ‘consent’ as children must always be asked for permission and it’s OK to say ‘no’.

We provide in-house and open two day trainings for staff working in children’s organisations or with children and parents.  For more information


Staff have been very supportive and they can see the benefits beginning to show. These include calmer behaviour, better social behaviour and children seem to be settled for longer periods in the afternoon.  Teacher


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